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Obviously not a Houdini item, but a one-of-a-kind piece of Magic History from another one of magic's greatest performers. "Mr. Electric" (Marvyn Roy), had an outstanding career appearing worldwide in the top nightclubs and venues with his signature electric and jewelry acts. This custom-made piece by Owen was designed by Mr. Roy in the early 1960s. He performed it at the Lido in Paris when he first created it. He later opened for Liberace with the "Jewelry Act." This was a part of his repertoire in that act as Marvyn and wife Carol Roy, traveled the world with Liberace. Carol would bring it on stage concealed in a foulard or under silks, since it is made to collapse. Marvyn would steal it and produce it center stage.

Mr. Electric's Eiffel Tower (Marvyn Roy)

  • Over 5.5 feet tall. 2 feet wide at the base. Covered in Swarovsky crystals. Had Owen's refurbish it when I bought it a few years ago and it has only been on display since...never used. Folds down approximately to the size of a doctor's bag. Weighs about 20 pounds. Only one in the world! Includes signed photo, and other photos and brochure on Mr. Electric from the period.

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