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Mr and Mrs Alan St George of Havencrest Castle
Havencrest Castle, Savanna IL
Alan St George sculpts the Art of the Past

About Alan St George

 For over 30 years, Alan St. George and his late wife, Adrianne, lived like recluses in their own creation:  "Havencrest Castle." Their 63 room home housed every sculpture, mural, every piece of art made by Alan...all inspired by and for the love of his life, Adrianne. Like a real life fairytale, this art was never made for sale, profit, or even to share with the was made personally for them. They referred to Havencrest Castle as:

"Our temple of Love and Art."

Only select friends and visitors enjoyed the honor of witnessing this very special and emotional place. When Mr. St. George lost his beloved wife in 2006, his inspiration for art and creation died with her. Then in 2011 his art entered a new age with the birth of his bronzes.

After the prompting of close friends, the house was opened to limited
public tours in July of 2013.


Then in 2018, Havencrest began October Weekends Tours. 3,000 people came to view the home in just 8 days. Now Havencrest continues to be open to the public for the weekends of May and October. The tours are self-guided by signage and an audio app with Alan's voice guiding visitors via their own smart phones.


It remains as Alan's beloved year round residence and workplace.

For information on touring Havencrest Castle:

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