Titanic sculpture works‚Äč


"My tribute to Charles Wilson's famous figural clock on the RMS Titanic really made me appreciate the grace and beauty of his work. Whenever one does this type of project, it is the poring over the details and lines that makes you the greatest fan of the original artist. I imagine it must be similar for a classical musician's feeling for the composer, but can only speculate on that. Going in, one knows there is no possibility of properly living up to the original, but  I  put in my very best effort , nonetheless, and have been gratified to hear from collectors that it has brought them joy."             -Alan St George-

"My tribute to the famous cherub from the Grand Staircase on the RMS Titanic was fun and challenging. There are no photos of the ACTUAL Titanic cherub. The only Grand Staircase photos are from her twin sister ship, the RMS Olympic. But even those views are blurry and nearly silhouettes.  However, the base has been recovered from the wreck site and brought to the surface so that is what I started with. By replicating the base, and the position of the feet, I had a good foundation to build on.  There is a cherub at the Palace of Versailles that was most decidedly the prototype for the Titanic/Olympic cherubs. It stands at a corner of one of the huge garden reflecting pools with it's triplet brothers. Using that cherub as a reference in combination with the ship's Grand Staircase photos was enormously helpful. "             -Alan St George-

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Photography by Dan Rest, Chicago.

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